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new album out now!

"West", the second album by Ninjabeat is now availible. The album also features two live-videos shot in Rainbow Studio, Oslo!  

fullt trøkk - av tor hammerø

Bak bandnavnet Ninjabeat skjuler en rekke unge norske musikanter seg, men ikke bare det...

ninjabeat -

Ninjabeat er et nytt frisk pust i det norske funk/jazz-miljøet...

album release 2016

The first album by Ninjabeat is availible on most streaming services, or for purchase through selected retailers.

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Ninjabeat is a band based in Oslo, Norway that plays instrumental music with high energy and pulsating rhythms. When beat musicians of a high caliber joins renowned jazz-improvisers, we get the original and innovative style of Ninjabeat.

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West is now available!

Albums available for purchase here!


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